Sunday, July 16, 2006

Leaders hope mayor's illness doesn't slow city's progress

Leaders hope mayor's illness doesn't slow city's progress Pittsburgh trying to sustain civic momentum
So, close Point State Park for a year. That will help sustain civic momentum.

This front page article ran on the same day that the news hit about Point State Park's year-long closing that nixes the Regatta, fireworks, Jamboree, and the Three Rivers Arts Festival. And, the event organizers were not told about this pending closure -- until the newspaper reporters told them seeking comment.


The optimism comes with behind closed door decisions from the Allegheny Conference about PARK spaces. Who voted them as stewards of our public spaces?

Let's call for a vote on those plans and I'm sure my side will win 90-10 -- without a dime in the budget for PR needs.

The public face of new optimism got a black eye on the same front page news coverage on July 13th -- must have been an unlucky day, if not week, for the city. This bad luck I rant about now comes on the heels of the worse news of Mayor O'Connor's health. So, the joy in Mudville is fleeting, for sure.

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