Monday, July 03, 2006

Ballot access show down in Philly soon

e appeal of the ballot access lawsuit will be heard at 1 PM on Monday,
July 10, at the federal courthouse at 601 Market St. in Philadelphia. There will be a rally immediately before the hearing in front of the courthouse starting at 12:15 PM and concluding about 12:45.

According to Richard Winger, a big audience at the hearing would really help. He cites a 1984 case in US District Court over the Wyoming ballot access law, where the state's attorney said, "Your honor, the Libertarian Party has no organization in this state". But the courtroom was filled with Libertarians. The judge said, indicating the audience with a gesture, "Looks to me like they have an organization in this state." The Libertarians won the case.

For more info about the lawsuit, visit The case number is 06-2241, and I'll forward a courtroom number once I have it.

- Ken Krawchuck

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