Thursday, January 04, 2007

Elevator Points for Dan Onorato, now on KDKA radio with Marty Griffin

Encourage the Pens to play 10 games a year in other cities until the new arena is built in Allegheny County.
Take the Pens off their game.
Build good-will.
Drive new fans to the Pens & Pgh elsewhere.

We (Pens, public, local goverment officials) must find a better location for the new hockey venue: Building off the lower hill delivers more profits and customer satisfaction.
Airport corridor, Neville Island, North Shore, next to the Convention Center, Parkway Center Mall, Settlers Cabin vicinity are possibilities.

PAT needs to quickly deploy E-Z Pass technology -- electronic, debit-card bus passes -- for all ridership. Data on efficiency and capacity is absent. Route cut factors are on a whim. PAT needs real-time and accurate data on the system. An electronic bus pass overhaul, first, ends fare jumpers, fraud, theft, and subsidizations can occur to those who need transit allowances (needy, seniors, students, special populations).

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Lawlessness on the buses could be improved with electronic bus passes.

A guy who is smoking or drinking would be monitored with these electonic bus passes. They'll know who is on the bus -- or what bus passes were used on the bus too.