Monday, January 08, 2007

The fight for speaker - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

I posted to this blog, a day before the vote in the PA HOUSE, Neither Perzel nor DeWeese.
The fight for speaker - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review many reformers said the fact that neither Perzel nor his Democrat foe, Rep. Bill DeWeese, D-Greene, was able to win the speakership was a signal that internal House reform is on the way.

Crazy as it sounds, they're right.
Told ya.

O'Brien has no credentials as a government reformer, just like Ravenstahl, our mayor. And O'Brien got to his present position, just like Ravenstahl, as a compromise candidate. O'Brien is Harrisburg's version of Luke Ravenstahl.

I don't want Dennis O'Brien leading the charge to reshape the way they conduct our government. The steps I seek are first, replace, -- then reform.

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