Monday, January 08, 2007

Forum: Ban trans fats. Don't be silly. Ban the bans!

Forum: Ban trans fats Pittsburgh should step up to the plate and ban trans fats in restaurants, argues diet and wellness author WILL CLOWER
It is silly to promote a ban on trans fats in Pittsburgh or elesewhere in the US. The nanny state arguments are the same old intrusionist nonsense.

His writing seemed critical of one of our favorite words by associating it with childish tendencies rather than with enlightened self-interest:
"The real problem is more fundamental. It comes from that kernel, lodged deep within each of our foot-stomping, you're-not-the-boss-of-me Libertarian hearts, that screams that no one can tell us what to do."

And if you feel inclined to write a LTE in response, here's the PG LTE email address:

The use of a capital "L" instead of small "l" in that sentence is wrong. Don't write "civil Libertarian hearts."

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