Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Honz Man won't run for ACE -- asked by GOP to run against Dan Onorato

Honz Man like Dan Onorato. Honz Man won't run for the Chief Executive slot. And, he says, he was asked by the Allgheny County GOP to run for the office.

Honz Man is injured. He has a bad leg or foot. He is doing his show form him home in recent weeks.

I'd say it would be hard for Honz to run when we can't even walk.

This isn't the year for a Honz Man Campaign. Get well first. Furthermore, don't pull a Lynn Swann. Honz should run for PA Senate. Honz might do well to run for PA House. Or, run for both in the same year, 2008.

I was at the Allegheny County Election Department today doing some research on the write in votes. I know that the Honz Man got some votes. Same too for Marty Griffin. Also, Rob Louge got a good number of votes. Some for Governor, some for US Senator.

Honz should get into politics. We need to keep putting attention into the local races.

My prediction is that the Honz Man might do as well as Bill Green did in his recent election for D.M.

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