Thursday, January 18, 2007

John Mac's Question at MacYapper gets an answer from me

The answer is you, John. You broke it first.

The MSM (main stream media) is less and less important. Don't hold your breath waiting for the MSM. In the end, the MSM is there to sell soap. And, at the outset of any type of coverage, the other question of, 'is this news break going to help us sell soap' gets asked. Hence, you've got the answer as to why the MSM is so silent on most instances of important watch-dog matters that have a bit of a 'bite' to them.

I've said for more than a week that the court case is a lose-lose and should have been settled. Why wait? Wait to fire the city solicitor, George Specter, then settle?

In other matters, more than $300,000 in contracts went before city council for initial approval so outside attorney fees could be secured. That's money that goes to contractors who are attorneys. There's no 'security' in that spending, if you worry about the taxpayer and citizens of the city. The question came, why even have a city legal department if they can't do the heavy lifting, legal work of the city?

I don't want my mayor, regardless of who it is, to be in a legal battle with a police commander. That isn't healthy.

Peduto won't get much wind in his sales, despite where the pope sqats. Remember, Bill Peduto taught the city about "pay to play contracts." Peduto seems to be fine with the racking up of more than $300,000 in outside legal fees. And, Peduto seems to be fine with the spending of nearly $600,000 on a contract about an evacuation plan for downtown. Those contracts are either corporate welfare or a play-to-play deals. The later, to Michael Baker Corp, goes to the firm that put the worthless, yet very expensive hole in the center of the West End Circle.

Big spenders can't benefit on the fall out of thugs who are also are known the world over as big spenders. The thuggery in contrast is not a big deal vs. the big deal spending.

Both bad habits on display (thuggery and spending) stink. But what is really welcomedis an option that isn't with such illustrations of thuggery nor spending.

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