Thursday, January 04, 2007

R.I.P: You don't get to choose when you die, generally.

We remember Bob Palmer, Catherine's father.
Catherine went to Maine this afternoon. She flew into Boston and her brother picked her up at the airport. They drove together to Maine. Twenty minutes after they arrived, Mr. Palmer passed.

My father-in-law, but much more importantly, my wife's dad and my kids' grandpa, was 73. He had some hard weeks, physically. Word from New Years' Weekend was that he had take a turn for the worst. He was in the care of hospice and at home. His two children are at his side along with his friends in Maine.

The plans were to have Catherine return to Pittsburgh on Saturday night. A memorial will be held in the weeks to come. Details unknown now.

This is the first grandparent to pass for my kids. They've been blessed to know them all.

One classic line from Mr. Palmer -- "Fix the problem, not the blame."


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