Wednesday, January 03, 2007

SOS & Save Our Transit with Silly Old Slogans

Protesters marched downtown today and had a few fleeting moments before tv news cameras today outside of the city-county building on Grant Street. I counted no more than ten protesters. And, they are the regulars, as pointed out by a security guard inside the building working at the medal detector.

My message to them: Change the message and you'd have 100 others standing with you. For years, you've been barking and taking a beating. For years, the strategy has been failing.

They say:

  • Save Our Transit

  • No Service Cuts

  • No Fare Hikes

  • Dumb, dumb, dumb. They've been there with the same messages and it isn't working.

    I don't even want to march with them these days.

    They should be saying:

    Stop the Tunnel!

    But no. They defend the tunnel. They don't want to be real advocates for real reform.
    He wasn't at the rally.

    The screen on the top of this green box is what we need. The Octopus system in Hong Kong is wonderful. Think of E-Z Pass as used on the Turnpike but for all transit riders.

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