Thursday, January 04, 2007

To spend more time with his family. Parenting becomes a priority for coach!

Is his wife going to have another baby?

No, he's a dad to a high school sophomore. His baby is a sophomore.

Good for you Coach. Too bad you can't retire in Carnegie or Crafton.

We need more 'full-time dads.'

But this line, to spend more time with the family, gets abused. Michael Jordan used it, poorly. Be like Mike was the marketing slogan. We stay-at-home dads were excited when M.J. said he was going to join our ranks. Then a few weeks later, he moved into team ownership roles and beyond in D.C. He pimped himself into the parenting parade for cover for a career venue switch.

Time will tell.

Parenting is a tough job. It is tough when the kids are babies. It gets tougher as they grow. Often parenting is toughest as the kids enter high school.

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