Saturday, January 06, 2007

Two enter races for City Council

Who on the Pgh school board isn't running for another office? Four of the members were rumored to be in races. Others have run or tried to mount campaigns for other offices in the past.

I like Patrick. He is a good guy. He beat D. Harris in the past -- and that was a great change for the school board. Now, if he wins a seat on city council, he'll be with her on council, if she is lucky enough to win a full term too.

My favorite to replace Patrick Dowd on the Pgh Public School Board is Stephanie Tecza. She would be a splendid addition to the school board.
Two enter races for City Council Patrick Dowd is among the Pittsburgh school board members hoping Superintendent Mark Roosevelt will agree to a contract extension.

Perhaps Mr. Roosevelt should have asked Mr. Dowd for a similar commitment.

Mr. Dowd, 38, of Highland Park, one of Mr. Roosevelt's most ardent supporters, has decided to run for City Council this year instead of seeking a second term as District 2 school board representative.


patrick said...


Thanks for the kind words of support. You know I really appreciate that. Today, the coalition gathered and listened to the potential candidates for School Board District 2. Stephanie did a great job. In the end, however, the coalition nominated Heather Arnet as their candidate. Stephanie has pledged to stand behind the coalition and work to help get its candidate elected. I admire Stephanie's courage hope she will continue her great advocacy here in Pittsburgh.
Thanks, too, Mark for all your advocacy here in Pittsburgh.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks for the update. Wish I could have gone to hear the candidates myself.

Good to know that there are good people running. Good to know too that there is some higher level of coordination among grass-roots folks as well.

Beat Bodack.

I'll look forward to seeing Heather's web site and statements.

Anonymous said...

Which candidate has been endorsed by the Democratic Party

Mark Rauterkus said...

I don't think that the endorsement has occured, yet.