Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ballot Challenges are IN. Let the torture begin in earnest

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I went down to Michael Lamb's neck of the city-county building today to peek around. But, I didn't stay to 5 pm. A poster at the admiral's blog had a mention too. (GD #s are General Docket Numbers, to aid in looking up the cases. When no comment is provided it is because I didn't see the paperwork. It might come live in a day or so.)

County Council #13 Vernon Boozer by Matt Arena (GD-07-005123)
County Council #13 Brenda Frazier by Matt Arena (GD-07-005120)

City Council #9 Rachel Cooper by 12th and 13th Ward Committee people
(GD-07-005171) The objection is from Kirkland, not committee people. Kirland is in the race and stands to gain the most, perhaps.

City Council #7 Tom Fallon by Michelle Bielen et al
(GD-07-005122) and (GD-07-005152) Tom said on his ethics form he was "unemployed," but had worked in the past year in the office of PA Senator Jim Ferlo, so goes the document.

City Council #7 Patrick Dowd by Anthon Liscowsky
(GD-07-005056) Mr. Dowd filed his statement but put 'see attached' and didn't seem to attach anything with the City Clerk, so the charges read. And, he signed 2006, not 2007.

Play one in the playbook from the Ds is toss the opponent off the ballot. There is not much worse than an un-democratic democrat.


Should Patrick, Tom, Rachel or others want to still run for office, call me. Perhaps it would make sense to enter the November general election race as a Libertarian. I'll help you get onto the ballot.


Anonymous said...

Your not making any sense, did you know that it is Dowds people trying to throw Fallon off the ballot? Michele held a house party for Dowd a couple of weeks ago and now she is challenging Fallon's candidacy. That said do you still want Dowd to be a Libertarian candidate?

Mark Rauterkus said...

I think I saw challenges to both Dowd and Fallon. That might mean that Len B is without any opposition in the primary.

I'll check again....

I'm NOT going to make much sense -- because it is IMPOSSIBLE to make sense of this crazy torture.

I care most that we don't give a free pass to incumbents. In an ideal world, the challengers would be great patriots for freedom.

Mark Rauterkus said...


I see challenges (or more) to BOTH Dowd and Fallon.

Plus, I see Michele's name too. Thanks for point out that connection to me.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Cooper challanged by Tracee Kirkland not candidate Leah Kirkland. Judge James struck Rachel Cooper from the ballot today.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks for that clarification. The names fooled me. Is there a relationship to the candidate?

Anonymous said...

Big fan of your site and yes, Tracee Kirkland is Leah's eldest sister.