Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Early Returns - sloppy again

I'm here to make history, not be a slave of it.
Early Returns - A Post-Gazette Journal Campaign contribution

Kevin Acklin could wind up with a county salary of $9,000 next year. The Point Breeze lawyer is running against Charles McCullough of Upper St. Clair for the GOP nomination for an at-large seat on county council next year. Under the county charter, the two at-large seats can't both be held by the same party. Unless some robust independent candidate emerges in the fall, therefore, the Democratic and Republican primaries determine those seats.
Count on a robust independent candidate in the fall. And, I've emerged already.

Furthermore, the last time I checked, there were three GOPers running for the post, not two. Humm...

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Anonymous said...

Who's the third?