Sunday, March 11, 2007

City Council District 9 candidates forum in Homestead - first blush

Most of the candidates in the crowded city council district 9 race came to a forum today at the Homestead branch of the Carnegie Library of Pgh. The incumbent was absent and she had said she'd attend. Randall Taylor came an hour late.

I got an hour of video tape and will upload some of it to YouTube in the hours and days to come. Audio from start to finish was also obtained, but I'm not sure of its quality yet.

T.C. should not get a single vote. Well, she'll get the votes from her family members. She wants to snub the residents and voters by not showing up to the candidate debates. So, she should be snubbed at the polls.

All in all, a lot of nice candidates are in the race.

Most of them say things that cause fear in terms of their desires for bigger government. One said that no shovel would turn any dirt in the district unless he had been involved and was on-board with the project before it got started.

Just putting up the raw video would tell a great story in some instances. However, some of the comments need to be discounted within the clips as an over-reach of the roles of city council, however.

Great event! Good people. Some wonderful answers mixed with a few well intended but un-sound approaches.

The only other technical note, now, goes to the fact that the endorsed Democrat, a 22 year old women who has graduated from Howard University did not get the entire packet of her papers filed in the right place at the right time. However, at this point there has been no challenge filed. Time will tell.

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