Monday, March 05, 2007

Draft Resolution Regarding Dr. Ron Paul and his Exploratory Committee for President in 2008

From fellow Libertarian Running Mate, Mark C.
WHEREAS the growth of government continues unabated with big-government bureaucrats and politicians of both major parties in complete control;

WHEREAS accelerating rates of uncontrolled, constitutionally-unauthorized, government spending and the inflationary monetary policies of the Federal Reserve have put our country at grave economic risk;

WHEREAS growing restrictions on personal and economic freedom, along with intrusive federal mandates into state and local affairs, continue without pause;

WHEREAS global deployment of the U.S. military has entangled our country with foreign governments and with foreign leaders that Americans wouldn't want living in their own
neighborhoods; therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania enthusiastically supports efforts by Dr. Ron Paul to thrust libertarian viewpoints into national debate during the 2008
election season by way of his possible presidential candidacy; and be it

FURTHER RESOLVED that the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania encourages everyone to demand a national debate of these viewpoints and not to accept restriction by establishment politicians and silence by a complicit media.

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Anonymous said...

Ron Paul will be on on C-SPAN March 12th -- Congressman Ron Paul will appear
live on C-SPAN's Washington Journal on Monday, March 12th starting at 7:30
a.m. ET. For all the up to date info on Ron Paul, please visit the above

Subject: Ron Paul's Background !

My Grandfather, The Patriot

Posted February 23rd, 2007 by mlpyeatt

Who is Ron Paul? -Today, in my blog, I want to tell readers about my
grandfather, who he is, and where he comes from. Ron Paul was born August
20, 1935 in Pittsburgh , PA. His father, Howard, was the son of a German
immigrant. Ron's parents owned a dairy just outside of Pittsburgh , and this
is where he learned about hard work, integrity, and the value of real money.

Ron is the third of five sons, all born to Howard and Margaret Paul during
The Great Depression. It is awesome to note that all five sons are college
educated, and have had success in their own careers ranging from a Ph.D. in
mathematics, theology, and accounting. My grandfather, as most of you know,
is a medical doctor and graduated from Duke University Medical School .

>From an early age, my grandfather delivered newspapers, worked alongside his
father and uncle in the family dairy, and worked at a local drugstore. In
college, he delivered laundry, mail, and managed to make amazing grades at
Gettysburg College in Gettysburg , PA.

After attending medical school, my grandfather joined the U.S. Air Force and
became a flight surgeon. He joined around the time of the Cuban Missile
Crisis and served out of San Antonio, Texas . His love of his time in Texas,
and the lack of snow was a lot of the reason why he and my grandmother
relocated to Lake Jackson , Texas in 1968.

My grandfather has always believed that The United States must be ready to
defend itself and protect its borders. He still very much believes this

In a very long and rewarding career as an obstetrician, my grandfather
delivered over 4,000 babies, many of whom stop him on a regular basis and
say, "You delivered me." Just recently, in a trip to a local restaurant, a
woman stopped my grandfather and said, "You delivered all three of my
children, and I just want you to know I love you, and support all that you
do." That is always very neat to see people stop him and thank him.

Frustrated and tired of the economic instability and inflation of the
1970s, my grandfather entered politics with the goal of restoring
government to its proper role and size. He also believed very firmly that
our monetary system was becoming unstable, and we needed to restore our
currency to the true value spelled out in The Constitution.

After years of hard work and uphill battles against people who often would
not listen, it is finally time to allow Ron Paul to be heard. We had better
listen before it is too late!

Most kids have memories of their grandfathers on fishing trips or throwing
the baseball. I have many memories of boat rides, swimming pools, and family
gatherings too. However, some of my greatest memories of my grandfather are
in the living room at his house watching Crossfire with him, interrupting
his concentration to ask a question, and trying to understand what all those
people were saying. He was always patient. He would mute the television and
explain to me what the topic was, and what the true Constitutional view was
on the topic at hand.

Many people think of their elected representatives as aloof, hard to
reach, and unapproachable. My grandfather is the exact opposite. He is a
regular guy who loves his family, plays with his grandchildren, and attends
football and baseball games to cheer on his kids and grandkids just like
countless other Americans.

Vote for the only candidate who will bring limited government, fiscal
responsibility, and integrity back to the greatest nation in the history of
civilization. Ron Paul for President....... 2008.

Ron Paul's My Space Link

Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Exploratory Committee http://www.ronpaul. org/

There is a link for contributing to Rep. Ron Paul on the Lone Lantern
Society of America website

Project FREEDOM: Official Web Site of US Rep. Ron Paul

Each week, Rep. Paul records a telephone message called the Legislative
Update, available toll-free by calling (888) 322-1414. The Update focuses on
issues facing Congress and of national interest.

E-mail Ron Paul gov/paul/ mail/welcome. htm

Ron Paul's Weekly Column

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