Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Early Returns: Doctor Ron Paul is a member of the US House of Reps

The P-G's early returns is covering Ron Paul. That is "DOCTOR" Paul. He is a M.D.

Furthermore, the guy from Green Tree, now in Texas in the Houston area, is a member of the US House, and has been for some time. The blog mention does not even mention that he is in the US CONGRESS.

Furthermore, he isn't the favorte son II. He's been #1 in my book from the get-go.
Early Returns - A Post-Gazette Journal Favorite son II

Pittsburghers still mourning the loss of native son Tom Vilsack's presidential candidacy have a new home town boy to pin their hopes on, presuming their political preferences are dictated more by geography than ideology.

Rep. Ron Paul, a Texas Republican who, like the former Iowa governor, is a Steel City native, announced this weekend that he is forming an exploratory committee in anticipation of his candidacy for the GOP nomination for president. In 1988, Mr. Paul ran for president as a Libertarian earning little notice and few votes. Mr. Paul is one of only six Republican who voted against authorizing the war in Iraq. In addition to opposing the war, he is an immigration hawk and strong critic of President Bush's immigration proposals. You can catch an interview on his web site.
Candidate get lots of mention in the newspaper before they file official papers to get onto the ballot. There is a lot of talk now about 2008. That's fine. But, it would be nice if folks get a peek at ALL THE CANDIDATES locally in 2007 too.

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