Thursday, March 15, 2007

Humm.... Family and Business Healhcare Security Act

Dear Healthcare Reform Leader and Friend:

Due to unforeseen (positive) developments we are postponing our planned joint press conference announcing the "Family and Business Healhcare Security Act" bills in the Senate and House until further notice. SB 300 is already in process and the House version (yet to be assigned a number) is already redrafted and ready to be presented by a prime sponsor. We are in the midst of negotiations to identify the strongest possible advocate for our universal single-payer legislation in the House -- and, without revealing more than I am able at this time, I am encouraged by the above-mentioned "developments." I will get back to you as soon as I have more definitive news.

Thanks for your continued support of our campaign. Keep sending those letters to newspapers and legislators, organizing those house parties for March 29 and beyond, and contributing whatever dollar amounts you can. Everyday is a winning day when we continue the fight for healthcare justice!

Yours in solidarity,

Chuck Pennacchio,
When I see news like this, I wonder why. I don't take any comfort in this type of 'news' of 'no news.' More news is better than less news. Some backroom dealings are unfolding, clearly. Is there a hi-jack situation? Name names.


PA progressive said...

I cannot comment right now about backroom dealings. The problem we're facing at the moment is, ironically a family health care crisis by one of the primary sponsors of the bill.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks for the reply and insights. We need progress on the bill(s). Keep us posted.

Marty Griffin is harping now about a case with a college student who is a diabetic and turning 21. She'll need to leave her family coverage.

PA progressive said...

Hey Mark, I'm coming to Pittsburgh this weekend. The state Party is sponsoring a Campaign Camp training and I'm doing a segment Sunday afternoon.

It would be great to meet some of the Pittsburgh based bloggers while there.

I can also update you on what's happening with the health care bill.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I replied via email, minutes after the post was made. Stay tuned.

Perhaps we can do something on Sunday.