Sunday, March 11, 2007

Immolation - Wikipedia: Whispers Footnote

Immolation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Self-immolation is suicide by immolation, notably as an extreme form of protest.
The Republicans will NOT find anyone to run for mayor. They can't find that person now. The deadline for them has come and gone.
From Jokester Dan: China not trying to shanghai the Pens - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review JUDGE JOE? Former Republican Pittsburgh mayoral candidate Joe Weinroth is running for office again, but this time he won't be a punching bag for the Democrat mayoral nominee.
Wonder if we should keep a list of insults from the Trib and others.

This punching bag might punch back. Furthermore, it is my hope that the D's mayoral nominee does step into the ring. But, I wonder if the courage to do so will permit it.

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