Wednesday, March 14, 2007 - Site Preparations Underway For New Arena

Haste makes waste. They were over reaching for months. - Site Preparations Underway For New Arena The Sports and Exhibition Authority has spent the last several weeks buying up buildings around the site; and preparations are already underway as a contract has been put out to demolish those buildings to make room.

In all, 12 buildings will come down to make room for construction.

Some of the structures coming down to make way for the arena include the old Labor Council District building and the aged St. Francis Central Hospital.

The new arena will be built on a six and a half acre site, which is right across the street from the old Mellon Arena.
Not only do we have the loss of the Civic Arena, but there are a dozen buildings going to vanish as well. Those buildings are being replaced by tax-free properties owned by the public authority. Less taxes are going to be collected as more of the city goes to 'non-profit status.'

The SEA already paid for the asbestos removal of one or more buildings.

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