Monday, March 05, 2007

Must see TV. The US top accountant on an education tour. Fiscal Wake Up Tour

The sky is falling. David Walker is providing an enormous public service.
Watch this segment from 60 Minutes. Don't do anything else until you see this.
From people & vips

Fiscal cancer.

Catastrophic consequences.

This proves why we need to end the twin tunnel project under the Allegheny River for light rail extension.

Tsunami of spending that will swamp our ship of state.

Can't do anything else but pay money on the debt.

Eliminate all waste and fraud, entire Pentagon Budget -- and still have nothing left.

The real problem is health care costs.

Video even shows snip of some open water swimmers!

The proscription drug bill was the most damaging bill since the 1960s.

Most people in Washington knows. It is always easier not to do something. You get in trouble in politics when you make choices. We need to be tough on spending. And, they have no faith that there is a consensus on doing the right things.

The last 40 seconds of the segment are the best.

If you tell them the truth, give them the facts, if you explain this in not just numbers but do it in terms of values, they will empower their politicians.

Ds and Rs are on a course that doesn't add up.

The nation's top accountant. Put a cap on federal spending. The longer we wait, the more we risk.

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