Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My "back channel" Ping Pong Diplomacy with Marty Griffin of KDKA

Yesterday, Tuesday, March 6, 2007, Marty Griffin, KDKA radio show host and investigative reporter, had Jim Roddey on the air. Roddey's worthy of another rant. Roddey is one of the main reasons there is a lack of opposition from the Republicans. But, back to this thread with late-breaking news and the 'Inside

Marty was talking about Dan Onorato, a frequent guest. Dan is slated to be on the show on Thursday with his talk to the County Executive segment. The show host's comments touched a nerve. Right after the show, I wrote Mr. Griffin via his web form.
There are people who are running against Dan Onorato -- including ME.

Either you lie by design or you play ignorant for unknown reasons. What's up investigative reporter?

You were going to book me on the show -- then the convention center floor fell. ???

We are recruiting candidates and you are NOT helping as you spread silly statements that are not true.

I kept you posted. You can reply to me now.

Marty's reply:
So help me...
I lie by design?
I'm ignorant?
And you want me to help you.
You should NOT be in sales.
Regarding my response to you.
So...i get 1000 to 1500 e-mails per week and im supposed to jump all
over your kind words?
Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm
Good luck with the campaign

My reply, sent in the afternoon of the same day.

> You should NOT be in sales.
I'm NOT in sales. I'm looking to defend freedom and liberty in these parts.

I'm in education, Marty. You know better.

You don't fail me as much as you fail your kid (s) and my kids with your willingness to trumpet the status quo by squashing the truth. (Dan Onorato has TWO opponents.) Plus, the squashing of idealism within this region hurts them the most.

I'm looking to raise my kids in an open society. Others have equal values. This explains why the city is bleeding its people.

Marty's reply, Mar 6 (21 hours ago)

Don't see anyone buying what you're trying to sell...
No stations...other talk show hosts.
Let me help you....
Next time you want to appear on a highly rated talk show...that would be might help to stay away from calling the host...that would be idiot.
Regarding the lack of response.
I get 1000 to 2000 e-mails per week.
I answer them myself.
Sometimes it takes a while.
For the slow response....I'm sorry.
Good luck with the campaign.

Last night's email message from me to Marty:

I did not call you an idiot.

Thanks for saying "sorry" about the slow response.

Your statement today, on the air, implying that Dan Onorato has NO OPPOSITION for the pending elections is WRONG. Two opponents exist. Candidates, myself included, have chosen to run against Mr. Onorato.

More than a month ago, before the Convention Center collapses, I offered to be on the air with you to follow up on some segments you hosted. You called for candidates in no uncertain terms. I answered the call you made. My decisions to run wasn't 'because of you. Our process was already in the works. I was hopeful that I'd be booked to the show because of communications off the air to me from your show.

Perhaps you decided that I wouldn't be a worthy guest or that this topic didn't fit for some reason some weeks ago. I don't know why because I never heard again from you or the producers.

I've "pinged" you a few times since. We have some history. So, today's statement from you on your wildly popular show about the lack of ANY COMPETITION for Onorato justifies a poke from me.

What's up?

The first word you used in the recent email reply was "Funny." Marty, this is serious. I'm serious. I don't stick my neck out as a joke. I'm standing for office. I work on, within and for our community. You can choose to ignore me. You can choose to hate me. But, expect a reply when your acts are wreckless with the truth and the aims go to damage our shared public spaces.

Thanks for listening.

I hope mom, baby and you have great health and wonderful times in the
months to come.

On today's (Wed, March 7, 2007), Marty mentioned my name on the radio and also said that I called him an idiot. Sigh. He also hinted that I'd be on the show tomorrow. Thursdays are for Onorato. But Timira just called (2:50 pm on Wed). I'm now booked for Friday at 10:15 am. I guess I'm on for "Fun Friday."

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting your hat in the ring... Hope we can get vote counting observers into the process on election day on your behalf.

Honestly, I understand how frustrating it is engaging the machine but, I believe, clear and gentle will win more ground 99% of the time.

I will never forget you saying to the BOE and Dan, "This is our house!" (County Court House)... now, those are words to stand behind and beside.

Richard King
(412) 400-3773

Mark Rauterkus said...


And, thanks too for the reminder / advice.

As a sideline, there is a big scene in the movie, Pride, where that same line is used, "This is OUR House."

The other important effort is to understand who is and who is NOT a real friend of democracy. People don't need to be my friend. But, I'm wondering who is trustworthy and who is not when it comes to doing (acts) the right things.

I'd rather know early as to who are friends and who are foes.

I feel confident in saying that Onorato is a foe of democracy. Blocking our ability to witness the vote count was unacceptable. Not fixing it when it went onto his doorstep was unacceptable.

The competent approach would have been to welcome the poll watchers as requested and permitted by law. Very simple. And, after we were blocked, he could have said sorry and changed the written policy to insure it never happens again. He didn't -- yet, still.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Timira, I dropped of audio CD for you at the KDKA front desk

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Mark Rauterkus
to rush, Marty

show details
12:32 pm (0 minutes ago)
Hi Timira,

Did you get a CD yet?

At noon today (thurs), I went to the KDKA front desk and left you (and
others) an audio CD that would be well suited for the show tomorrow.

Track 1 -- song says, "Run, Run, Run. ... You've got the right to run."

Track 3 -- song say, "Come With Me." Guy survives with reaching hand of others.

My older campaign theme songs are on the CD too:
Think Again
Lay the Shovel Down

I assume we're on the air in the 10:00 hour for Fun Fridays.

The prime message I hope to deliver is for the recruitment of "Running
Mates." This is follow-up from Marty's prior shows.

I don't know if I should be in the studio or on the phone? If I'm on
the phone, I'd try to get to a land-line, not cell.