Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Penguins' letter pointed to a lack of collaboration in negotiations

Text of the Penguins' letter to Rendell, Ravenstahl and Onorato The risk has been magnified by what we perceive as a lack of collaboration from the public sector in the negotiations. That does not bode well for the public/private partnership necessary to successfully navigate the multiple issues of an arena development of this magnitude.
I contend that the lacking element is the lack of a philosophical base in the negotiations. Onorato was quick to say, at first blush, that he wanted to negotiate. That isn't how it is done. In sales, one qualifiies the buyer.

Once the deal boils down to money on the table from the public treasury -- then we'll all suffer. The fan base, loyalty, disruption to business and vision needed to be prime components in the negotiations and dealings.

The next line of the letter from the Pens talks about "value." They are begging for that type of talk.
... we visited Kansas City and were greeted with open arms by arena officials and political and business leaders and were treated as valued new partners in the community.
Value matters. Values matter. Philosophy flows from values.

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