Monday, March 19, 2007

Passing out newsletters on sidewalks, even around PNC Park and Convention Center, is FREE SPEECH and must be protected

The "no sweatshop efforts" matched with the city's fumbles, yet alone that of goons at PNC PARK and the Convention Center, are getting set for yet another show down. A federal court case is moving to trial, thanks to the ACLU.

Free speech matters.

Folks should be able to pass out information on the sidewalks around the stadiums and convention center.
From markets
This is a mini-book store on the sidewalk in the streets of China. Should the authorities come by, pop the lid on the container and wait for them to pass.

I'd love to have a translation of the books in this stack, to anyone who can read Chineese. Thanks. Just leave them in the comments part of this blog posting.

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Anonymous said...

One other thing certain people forget. If it's a public place you can take pictures. It does not matter if the person does not like it, it's a person's house, a cop, or whatever. Some people have a problem with that.