Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Penguins' letter to Rendell, Ravenstahl and Onorato

David Caliguri can be blamed for this.
Text of the Penguins' letter to Rendell, Ravenstahl and Onorato The recent appeals filed with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, which may delay even further the awarding of the slots license and the primary funding source of the arena plan, cause us great concern. A project of this scope, with so many complex issues, can ill afford further delays that add more risk and more uncertainty.
FWIW, and it isn't much, soon after the award was announced, I asked the others to NOT file an appeal.

The Pens got into bed with the IOC (Isle of Capri). Then the IOC goes ahead and puts in a challenge. Now the IOC takes $10-million from the Pens for their deal gone bad. Plus, the IOC pounds on for an appeal.

Furthermore, how about the PA Supreme Court's lazy ways. Get on the job. Hold the hearing ASAP.

As this goes to court, all bets are off. Don Barden is smart to hold off on the building.

More FUD. FUD from the state's top court is as deep as it comes. Perhaps it should be FUDD -- with two Ds. The second is for 'delay.'

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