Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Penn Hill High School, class of 1977, Reunion Discussions to Occur on TalkShoe

I've been lurking on a list devoted to my high school class, Penn Hills, 1977. We are not getting any younger. A 30-year party should be in the works. I don't see any action. So, I've taken the next steps.

I'd called for classmates to join me on a TALKCAST, a telephone conference
call, to talk about the Penn Hills class of 77 reunion efforts.

This technology wasn't around last year. But, it is basic. The main tool is the telephone.

11 PM Eastern (for 30 minutes) - on Thursday night, March 29, 2007.

11 PM Eastern on Tuesday night, April 3, 2007

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Talkcast ID: 3177

Your PIN needs to be obtained by going to http://TalkShoe.com. You'll need your PIN to enter the discussions for speaking and listening. Get that in advance of the meeting. It might take a few minutes. (Do it now.)

I'll play host and helper. Email: Mark@Rauterkus.com. The show is simply called, "On your mark." We've got to get started.

We should talk about past reunions, present plans, infrastructure, lists, and more. It can be freewheeling. Those with history and insights are not only welcome, but expected!

The conversations are recorded. So if you miss the meeting, you can later download and listen to a podcast or via your PC.

If you can't afford the 30-minute long distace phone charge to the (724) phone number, you can use Voice Over IP for free. Check the TalkShoe site for directions.

This technology deployed by TalkShoe is cool. You should check it out for these reasons alone. But, we should be getting the reunion efforts moving too.

Hope to talk to you soon. This Thursday and again next Tuesday -- 11 pm.


Mark Rauterkus, mark@Rauterkus.com

412 298 3432 = my cell

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Pointer to the Yahoo Group:

PennHillsClass77 : Penn Hills Class of '77: "To all those who graduated from Penn Hills Senior High in 1977. A very spirited group of people with strong convictions of both the heart and mind!"