Monday, March 12, 2007

Pittsburgh Comet gives insights. Pi Day is just around the corner!

From texture - misc.
The Pittsburgh Comet When you get into a pie-fight with Mark Rauterkus, be ready for a faceful of cherry-lemon meringue and custard.
I'm not that interested in a food fight. However, I'm not going to be idle when others try to re-write history.

Likewise, is Peduto the first to do YouTube? Well, I'm the first at and Furthermore, being first isn't what this is about. Sure, I want to make history and not be a slave of it. But, this is a long-haul endeavor. In a swim race, the winner isn't called by seeing how hits the water first. Often in the real world it is the pioneer who gets the arrow in the back.

The pie quote from The Pittsburgh Comet comes at a great time, just two days before "Pi Day" -- one of my favorite holidays. When I'm elected, I'll decalre "Pi Day" a big harry deal. (Harry, as in Harry Readshaw.)

From hex

Feel free to take an image of a round "pi object" from my Picassa album and post it on your blog or site to celebrate pi day.

On March 14, 2006, (last year's pi day), was the special election for Pgh City Council district 3. That was the first race I was in which I didn't get last place.

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