Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ravenstahl wins county Dem mayoral nod over Peduto

Hot News:
P-G In two races for the Pittsburgh Public School board, Stephanie Tecza won the endorsement over Heather Arnet and incumbent Dan Romaniello lost decisively to challenger Sherry Hazuda.
To the Peduto fans, as I said to his campaign manager on the sidewalk, and posted elsewhere: 2009 and win by addition.

I'm not saying, like I keep telling my son, that I want one or the other, Bill or Luke. Neither are what I think Pittsburgh needs. But, I think the jury is still out about 2009 -- and I want it to stay out until 2009. Others don't.

As for the upsets, there were a lot of them. That's wonderful.
Ravenstahl wins county Dem mayoral nod over Peduto In county council's contested endorsement votes, three incumbents lost endorsements to challengers. This included a loss by Councilwoman Brenda Frazier of Stanton Heights to Matt Arena.


In the crowded race for Twanda Carlisle's city council seat, the incumbent lost the endorsement to Rachel Cooper, daughter of District Justice Kevin Cooper.
Lamb's one vote margin is interesting. Doug Shields should pull out of the race and just run for his seat. How far back was T.C. in the numbers for the City Council seat? Sheilds could be a deal maker for either Mike or Tony.

Update: I've seen some numbers, and Doug Shields did okay in the three-way race for City Controller. I am retracting what I posted above after seeing the numbers. He must make a decision -- but Shields staying in the race might make good sense.


Anonymous said...

Why do we constantly have to be reminded who Rachel Cooper's father is? It is just as redundant as saying who Twanda Carlisle's mother's live in is.

Is the child allowed to have her own identity yer or will this be a name dropping race.

I am the son/daughter of .........

Mark Rauterkus said...

Good point.

I just quoted the PG about the candidate. Her win was worth a NOTE for sure. That quote of the parent was NOT done on my part by design.

But, this is a great question for the MSM.

I'll watch it more myself.

There is generally a lot of talk about a parent. We all know about Diven's dad, Chelsa's Dad and uncle, etc.

Anonymous said...

In Pittsburgh, for many candidates--our acting mayor included--have their political careers solely because of their parents' influence.

While Mayor Ravenstahl seems to be a decent young guy, without his lineage, he wouldn't have been a city councilman. Luck made him city council president (everyone wanted the job and no one had the votes); tragedy made him mayor.

In Pittsburgh, ABSOLUTELY, a young newbie with no discernable resume should be identified because of their family tree.

Let's see a youngster make a name for him or her self without riding a parent's coat-tails. It's kind of don't see much of that in Allegheny County.


Anonymous said...


You statement is my point

" A young newbie with no discernable resume.... should NOT be identified at all.

We need to revert from past practices and adopt new ones


Mark Rauterkus said...

Say what?

When a young newbie is NOT identified at all. as in ignored fully, then bigotry takes root.

There is nothing wrong with calling a young newbie a young newbie. But, I think it is wrong to ignore people, ignore problems, ignore issues and ignore hope.

Hopelessness stinks. We need to rid Pittsburgh of the done-deal mentality. We have to be open minded and HONEST.

I'd much, much, much rather have a young newbie be put under a spotlight. Then let's see if anyone MELTS or not.

Cronies ignore challengers. Our town is full of cronies and that mindset needs to crack and go into history.

Mark Rauterkus said...

BTW, I know Tom and I have different views on who and what is 'newsworthy' in times of campaigns, elections and candidates.

Anonymous said...


We do disagree about who and what is newsworthy in politics; however, I agree with your last post in this topic.

This is actually a very sad election. It doesn't look like the Republicans will be fielding anyone for anything, and the GOP doesn't even have the "majority in Harrisburg" to use as a selling point.

Unfortunately, I am ideologically closest to Libertarian, but that party's heyday was about a decade ago.