Friday, March 16, 2007

Ravenstahl's site drops photos - Ethics N@ II

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Dick Skrinjar hoodwinked the MSM, but that's a yawner to me. Furthermore, what the other bloggers are buzzing about is wonderful, but, really, to me, it isn't going to deliver us to the "promised land." This is a huge about face, fur sure. It is a step in the right direction, no doubt. But I'm not so interested in baby steps. Fast forward to prosperity before another generation of Pittsburgh's depart.

If I'm mayor, I'm taking down all copyright notices on the public web sites. Gone. Materials should be put into the public domain.

I'm a big open source advocate. At the least, "the right direction" would be the use of a creative commons license. But, I'd champion the full "U" turn and go to public domain.

Only 14 of you clicked on this video located on my YouTube sites in the past. However, hundreds of thousands, I expect, have watched it on the net.
Furthermore, if Luke had put materials from the city's web site into the public domain, he'd not be in this bowl of mush he now sits in. Nor would D.S.

The decoder rings -- well -- they might still be necessary for other uses.

This is the work of the public, hence public domain. All content should be accessible by the public. Public domain is the most 'transparent' -- and it is the best solution for being free to craft the best solutions, ideas, messages and concepts.

Since I got into politics and community communication efforts, nearly 10 years ago, nearly everything I touch I push to the public domain or into some other free and open license. It is so much better.

The ago old expression fits. More gets done when nobody takes the credit. In Pittsburgh's political landscape, very little has been accomplished, except for new taxes, red tape and sustaining the downward spirals of decline.

Luke, if the photo was given to you -- then put it into the public domain. Then you (and I) can use it anywhere we want. Game over.

Copyrights have a purpose, but not in politics and our public life. This is why I'm so bent out of shape with the creation of a 'video tape policy' of the City Planning Department for is Planning Meetings.

Those 'red light cameras' and 'speeding cameras' should NOT arrive, but if they do, I'd want the content to stream into the public domain. Be open. Be honest. Hide nothing. Be free. Take down limitations.

My recent posts, Ravenstahl's site drops photos - Ethics N@. (link again)

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