Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today's big time award: Wilburn Hayden, Ph.D. getting honored as PA's Social Worker of the Year!

From people & vips

We're proud of you Wilburn! Way to go.

He and his family are in Harrisburg today for a big banquet as he's getting honored as Pennsylvania's Social Worker of the Year.

Wilburn's been the boss of the Univ. of California PA's academic program for those seeking a Masters Degree in Social Work. He is the expert about all things concerning blacks in Appalachia. He was been working with Molly Rush and others to advance PUSH, a single-payer health coverage plan for Pennsylvania that is much unlike the one championed by Governor Ridge. He is on many boards, locally from the musical Calliope to the First Unitarian Church and the eco nonprofit on the South Side.

Finally, he, his wife, and son have been great friends. Plus, he has been on the committee as director of policy research for recent campaigns.

Now we've got to plan for more trips to Canada. He's taken a new role as the head of the school of social work in Toronto at York University. They are very lucky. Today I'm kicking myself again for sending him that job posting.

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