Sunday, March 18, 2007

true colors giggle

From another blog.
ONCE MORE UNTO THE ARENA DEAL, FRIENDS: "Though the letter goes on for eight more sentences, Mr. Spagnolla never actually tells us what those true colors are. Which is kind of disappointing. But if I had to guess, I'd say that Ed Rendell's -- he is, after all, the former Mayor of Philadelphia and an avowed Eagles fan -- true colors are green and white. If his public persona and his public speaking ability are an indication, Dan Onorato's true colors are probably beige. Or maybe puce. And, no matter how much he tries to convince us that they're black and gold, we all know that Luke Ravenstahl's true colors are blank slate and baby blue."
The new arena talk isn't over yet. No way. It needs to be built. The costs need to be covered.

Heck, Three Rivers Stadium isn't over yet. They still have a Stadium Authority. We owed $30-million when it went away. We are now going to pay, what $4-million, for an outdoor, glass covered concert venue to be owned by the Steelers. Eeeks. These deals never are over and done with.

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