Saturday, March 03, 2007

When it rains it pours -- what's that about an ounce of prevention next to a pound of cure

From texture - misc.
N.O. asks whopping $77 billion in claim to corps Submitting a claim for a staggering $77 billion, the city of New Orleans joined tens of thousands of would-be plaintiffs who rushed to beat a Thursday deadline to alert the Army Corps of Engineers that they may sue for losses resulting from the levee breaches after Hurricane Katrina.

Also joining the queue were Entergy New Orleans, the city's bankrupt electrical utility, which is seeking $655 million, and the New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board, which put in a claim of about $460 million, spokesmen for the agencies said.
On page four of the article:
Nagin's press office e-mailed the news release about 20 minutes before Air Force One lifted off from Louis Armstrong International Airport, concluding President Bush's visit to the city Thursday, the 18-month anniversary of Katrina. During the trip, Bush visited a Central City charter school and sat shoulder-to-shoulder with Nagin during lunch at a Treme restaurant.

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