Monday, March 05, 2007

When will the D-party endorsement conclude?

The endorsement process for the Dems might not be over for a while. The vote happened yesterday, but some of the players are now headed to court.

A silly sports slogan says, "It isn't over until the fat lady sings." When will we hear, 'Elvis has just left the building.' -- Or, 'We had em alllllll the way.'

On one hand, the more uncertainty and doubt within the local D party, the better. But on the other hand, I really want to restore confidence in our elected, democratic process. More legal challenges with more exposure of lies drives a bigger wedge between the people and the institutions that SHOULD be a source of faith and trust. Otherwise, people settle differences in other ways.

Pittsburgh is famous for the number of people that just vote with their feet.

This is another good instance to listen to the song -- Be Careful Punching Ballots If You Can't See the Hole -- by Amy Carol Webb. It has been on my CD.

Ravenstahl easily tops Peduto for party nod - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Pokora plans to challenge the results in court this week.

He said the committee's bylaws don't address the use of provisional ballots used by those who could not show proof they were eligible to participate yesterday. Pokora has said he would not run without the committee's endorsement, but he was unsure yesterday if he would stick to that pledge given the close vote.

City Councilman Doug Shields, who received the endorsement in his council race, placed a distant third in the controller's race.

In a separate challenge, Andrea Boykowycz, a Peduto supporter, has contested the voting eligibility of 20 committee members.

Committee Chairman Jim Burn said she challenged the members' voter registration and residency. Committee members must be registered Democrats living in Allegheny County.

Burn said the committee members will be given 30 days to prove their eligibility. The results could affect some of the close races."

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