Friday, March 16, 2007

Who is going to be the hero: Showing up six times without blowing up.

The brief video clip above, (a segment of Heavy Or Not), drives home a point that has surfaced a number of times in the recent weeks.

My statement at city council on March 13 hit against a member of city council who didn't show up for a debate. Meanwhile, ballot challenge matters from a number of candidates are headed to the judge because certain paperwork didn't show up.

I love to point being made that one doesn't need to blow up. Just show up. That's a big theme of mine. At all cost, avoid burnout. Stand for office. Do what you can. Show up.

My intention is to stand for office in 2007, six times. I intend to show up on the ballot. Statements need to be made. And, my stance needs support from others, behind and most of all, beside.

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, with the force, needs to show up to debate.

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Anonymous said...


Get yourself a chicken suit for a hundred bucks and get on down to the hallway out side the mayors office. Sit there with a sign that says Luke is chicken to debate you until he sets a date. Call all the media.