Friday, March 16, 2007

State bread & circuses - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Blistering and beautiful letter to the editor:
State bread & circuses - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review On the same day that our elected leaders were patting themselves on the back about their deal to keep the Penguins in town, the state issued a report that the Pittsburgh region lost 27,900 (seasonal and weather-related) jobs in the month of January alone.

Mr. Ravenstahl, Mr. Onorato and Mr. Rendell have applied yet another Band-Aid to the much larger problem. They have made sure that they will not be the elected officials under which the area lost one of its precious sports teams...

Unfortunately, it is clear that they have no idea how to address these issues. As such, I suspect that our elected officials and their governments will continue to provide the citizenry with more circuses.

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