Thursday, March 01, 2007

Who let the dogs out? Ruff, Rough -- Joey Porter gets shot down


Perhaps he'll be able to wait tables or be a bouncer at the new Bus Stop Grille #36 to be leased in an empty place in DelMonte's riverfront building on the North Side.

This is why I enjoy sports that feature athletes that 'graduate.'

Didn't get any love from the P.G. coverage of blogs. But, the P-G did do some reading on the topic.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Pittsburgh Steelers: "Big Cat: Porter YouTubes
Steeler Watch: Last of the Bad Boys
Pojo Dojo: No Port-er in storm
Joey Porter's Pit Bulls: It was bound to happen
Sports Idiots: Boot R.I.P.
Carbolic: New guy Tomlin breaks news to Porter's dogs
Black & Gold Blog: Farewell, Sweet Peezy
Steelers Fanatic: It stinks being correct
Mondesi: Porter era over
Steeler Tribute: End of the road
PittGirl: I'm okay"

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