Monday, June 04, 2007

Been away for a while. What have I been missing?

I've been on the other side of the world -- and doing my best to stay in the loop with Pittsburgh's political and cultural happenings. It is time to put my ear to the ground and figure out what I've been missing?

Nationally, I think the political news it Ron Paul's momentum.

I'm open to other suggestions and ideas as to what I've missed. It is time for us to re-enter the American mindset of being a Pittsburgher again.

In our extended family, I've yet to miss the arrival of our newest baby. Our boys will be getting a new cousin. The birth is any moment now. We were just talking about new baby names and Catherine suggested "Jade."

Another new development -- a new roof and deck re-make.

But, there has got to be more beyond the primary election. We'll be getting three new members to city council, of course, but -- that only means that three that are there now won't be returning. The new members are not yet elected as that happens with the general election.

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Thomas Leturgey said...

Ron Paul is on the Bill Maher show. Thunderous applause from the most liberal crowd this side of a Rosie O'Donnell cook out.

While he's obviously a good guy, this is an exact example why Ron Paul will NEVER, EVER receive the Republican nomination.