Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ron Paul on The Daily Show

Well, Congressman Ron Paul was on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" tonight. He did well. He didn't appear, or sound like a very old man. John McCain, who is a year younger, sounds older.

His appearance was pretty straight forward. I went in with an open mind, perhaps even wanting to like him. He earned a good "B." He was a classic politician, not "funny" like Al Gore can be. Or Rudy Guiliani.

It is a major coup for a second-tier candidate to be on the Daily Show. I hope that he's on again. I'm just glad that Stewart would welcome any Republican. The comedian was a very vocal champion of John Kerry's, and all but endorsed him. I'm sure he's had other Republicans on, but he's still very much in the Liberal's corner.

Ron Paul continues to do "all the right things."

It's still Rudy Guliani's race to lose...and Fred Thompson might just be the spoiler. It won't be Ron Paul, even though I like him a lot more now than before.

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Jonathan Potts said...

I seem to recall that Stewart gave McCain's campaign in 2000 a bit of a boost. Of course, a lot of people ordinarily hostile to Republicans love McCain.

On the other side, Mike Gravel was on The Colbert Report several weeks ago.