Monday, June 04, 2007

Carrick wins City League baseball title - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Carrick wins City League baseball title - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Carrick answered with six runs in the second inning, and Fricke tossed a two-hitter, as the Raiders rolled to a 13-0 victory in five innings Wednesday at Herb Field in Ross.
This is sad. Why in the world is the Pittsburgh Public Schools Championship Baseball game being played in Ross Township?

That game should be at PNC Park. Period.

I don't care too much if the WPIAL games are played in Washington County. Fine. But, the PPS Championship game is different.


Anonymous said...

I can only share with you what City League athletic director Mike Gavlik told me. Pittsburgh Public Schools annually schedules its City League baseball final for PNC Park, and the Pirates allow PPS to use the stadium.
It was a matter of timing.
The City League semifinals were played on a Thursday, May 24. The Pirates returned home Tuesday, May 29. Thus, to play the City League baseball final at PNC Park, it would have been necessary to play Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday between those dates. With only one PIAA playoff berth on the line, coaches from the City finalists were in agreement that they preferred to have their best pitchers available instead of playing at PNC Park.
I believe there is a PIAA rule that pitchers must have 72 hours rest between throwing seven innings. That would have necessitated a game being played on Memorial Day, which neither participant was willing to do.
Herb Field in Ross was Plan B.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks to the trib sports reporter for getting this news to me (prior posting).

I have no problem with PIAA rules.

And, I don't have MUCH of a problem with coaches being able to make their own decisions as to when and where their games are to be played.

Coaches generally know what is best for the athletes -- and I should know and support the fellow coach.

So, the rub is where?

Why not play a noon baseball game, before the Pirates?

Was the semi-final game so late in the season? Or, on time?

Why not toss a second person on the mound for the semi finals?

Furthermore, the city teams should have two going to PIAAs.

Furthermore, the city league should go away. Merge those teams in with the WPIAL.

Oh well. More questions.