Monday, June 04, 2007

Hazelwood's new houses come from URA after six or seven years

Hazelwood welcomes new houses The $1.5 million project featuring four townhouses and two single-family homes is being developed under the auspices of the Urban Redevelopment Authority. It has been planned for six or seven years, said Jerome Dettore, executive director of the URA.
City officials are there to break ground -- as in BEGIN -- a project for new housing that took six or seven years to hatch.

The land had been vacant for years prior to the planning process began.

This place is six minutes away from Oakland but more than ten years away from the creation of a new bedroom where one could reside. And, these public officials are now going to celebrate.

Doug Shields described this a 'connected to everywhere.' With connections like these, what good has it done? These are more often connections to to nothingness that the URA gets to administer. This is a connection to a $300,000 gap -- for someone else to pocket.

The best thing to do is to cut those connections with government money. They are costly connections that don't perform well. And, because they exist, the marketplace energy goes elsewhere.

It is dumb to build a new home next to one being built by the URA. The URA has a $300,000 gap it can close. So, it is better to invest in another area in the region -- or the world.

In turn, nothing gets done for ten years. And, when something does get done, it is a joke.

This is nothing but a long-winded success story of fleeting glory yet to be delivered -- that makes Democrats gald where cronies get $300,000 richer.

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