Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Na na na naa. So long. Good Bye.

On the last day of school, the 6th and 7th graders at Frick ISA (Middle School) left the building and headed to the buses past rows of teachers and staff who stood at the doorway and down the steps raising their voices, waving their hands. "Na-na-na naaa, Na-na-naa Naaaa, Soo long -- Good Bye. (repeat at will)

Interesting site. Sweet wishes.

Now -- if only the Pgh Public School Administration would get in gear an hire the necessary teachers for that school. This is the time to send out those job offers. This is the time to snag the Spanish Teachers and others who are with special teaching skills in foreign languages.

Two full time Spanish teachers are needed at Frick. Meanwhile, the two that start the year never finish it. I think there were five or so that were used. Double classrooms was the norm for too long. Hiring teachers in September sucks. That isn't the way to run specialized educational classes and schools.

German teachers and others with language class responsibilities are NOT easy to hire AFTER the school year begins, for a middle school, for Pgh Public Schools.


Meanwhile, retain, retain, retain. The great teachers and staff that are at the buildings now who are slated to retire should be given contracts NOW for positions they'd like to retain in the year to come. Sign em up for another year NOW, not later.

Remember how there was a great boys basketball coach at Perry Traditional H.S. He was able to retire from his teaching position only to be told that he'd NOT be allowed to continue to coach boys basketball. Everyone wanted him to come back. He wanted to come back. But no. The school board policy was such that it couldn't be done. So, the great coach had to go to a suburban school and continue to coach.

As a family highlight, our son got the leadership award at Frick. And, his classmate from Phillips, T.S., got the student award. Well done guys. And well done Phillips Elem. School (graduates). FWIW, it is lame to say one graduated from Elem. School.

Both of our boys gave school presentations on our trip to New Zealand. The slide show will be posted here soon, I expect.

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