Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A new storm is brewing -- and we've got another big hole in our roof

Wouldn't you know -- today the roofers returned and put a big hole in our roof to extend the height of the chimney. What ever happened to the luck of a sweep that will shake off on you? Perhaps the sweeps are really lucky and the roofers sing another tune. (Understanding Hint to hidden blog meanings: Mary Poppins movie and Dick Van Dyke. -- Chim chimmeny, chim, chim cha roo, ...)


The worst is when the rain comes into the second floor via the ceiling light fixtures and drags all this crud -- like our house had been smoking for 125 years with tar and soot baked the bones. But hey, this is the South Side. I doubt that there smokers lived in the house, but the mills blanketed every thing.

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