Monday, June 04, 2007

Residents of Hill get a say in plans for new arena

Residents of Hill get a say in plans for new arena Ms. Ismail said city planners sent out about 14,000 fliers to residents in the Hill and Uptown areas to inform them of this evening's meeting and the other opportunities to participate.

'We don't want people to come back and say we were not informed of the process,' she said. 'To be heard is to be there. It is not our plan. It is their plan.'
Can residents show up to the meeting with a video camera? Or, will the meeting occur without the "PERMISSION" to video the events????

What about those who do NOT show up to the meeting?

Those who attend also will have a chance to sign up for one of six focus groups
Why only limit people to ONE of the SIX focus groups?

Divide and conquer works that way.

I'm not there at the meeting in the Civic Arena. However, I'd like to know what is going on. And, I'd like to sign up for all six focus groups.

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Anonymous said...

I have to ask. What the hell does Pittsburgh owe the Hill District? What makes the hill so special? It's a damn joke. The "demands" the "compromise". Let me ask you this. Pittsburgh has zoning and development codes. If I buy a piece of property that is zoned correctly and want to build on it legally I would not give a crap what anyone has to say about it. Whine, cry, do whatever - It's a business.

I see no group offering to redevelop other neighborhoods like Elliott. In many regards Elliott is worse than the hill.

If I paint my house brown and my neighbor complains that they wanted yellow and they were not invited to the color focus group I tell them to eff off.

I still laugh when I remember that a grocery store wanted to locate in the hill.

Hill House Executive Director Evan Frazier also suggested the Herron Avenue site and objected to ALDI building across the street, saying a discount grocer would “set the wrong tone in developing the Hill.”

Though ALDI’s addition of fresh meat would fulfill a requirement community residents and leaders demanded for a Hill grocer
Good luck getting that Giant Eagle up there.

A requirment? It's not 1950 moscow. You can go to other stores.

Rant off!