Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bogus Allegations Made Against Ex-Penn Hills Football Coach and AD @ junk mail

Mary Robb Jackson gives an interview. The story rehashes his "firing." Well, the job was just re-opened.
kdka.com - New Allegations Made Against Ex-Penn Hills Coach Gordon says he plans to apply for his old job.
Recruiting letters are mostly junk mail. Even the swim team was mentioned, in that there were letters found for swimmers.

These letters were from the past. Neil Gordon has not been the Athletic Director for more than a year. It seems to me that the old Athletic Director might want to take an inventory of the areas in the school. It shows that the new guy has made a serious fumble, more than Gordon.

If the mail was found in the basement of a postal worker -- then we have problems.

If the mail was being taken from student athletes who are in high school now -- and not delivered to them by design -- then we have problems.

If the mail was screened by the coach and INTENTIONALLY destroyed by the coach or AD -- then we have problems.

If the coach or AD contacted certain universities and told them to never recruit any Penn Hills student -- then we have problems.

Here, there are no problems. That story tells nothing.

If there is more to the story than is contained within the reporting of the story -- tell me. Post in the comments.

P-G reports: Superintendent meets players

Patricia Gennari, superintendent of Penn Hills schools, met Thursday with the school's football players to get their feelings on the coaching situation.

A few weeks ago, the Penn Hills school board decided to open coach Neil Gordon's position, despite his successful record of 156-74-2 in 21 seasons. The board directed Gennari to inform Gordon of its decision.

The mother of starting quarterback Tom Fulton said Penn Hills' players were instructed not to talk to the media about their meeting with Gennari.

Some Penn Hills residents are upset at the board's decision and want to be heard at a meeting. The school board has a public meeting at 7, and the football coaching situation is on the agenda.

Gordon said yesterday he has reapplied for the job, and Penn Hills also is accepting applications from other individuals.

Update from Feb 6, 2008:
kdka.com - Coach Situation Divides Penn Hills Community 'And yes there was a box of letters in the athletic office, but the players knew that there was a box and it was their responsibility to come down and get them themselves,' Bob Struss, a student, said.

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