Wednesday, February 06, 2008

City considering sci-tech school at science center

This would be cool. Homeroom in the port quarters. Recess could be topside. Lunch would be at the dumpsters at Heinz Field. Gym could be on the virtual hang glider within SportsWorks. Drop out -- then you are in the next showing of bodies.
City considering sci-tech school at science center Pittsburgh Public Schools is considering locating its new science and technology school at the Carnegie Science Center.

Jen wrote in a public email:
Next public hearing is February 18th.

With the decision to hold off on a vote about Schenley, an important point is making sure that no more money is spent on permanent changes for those students until more comprehensive decisions are made. This would give the administration time to develop the plans and curriculum for new and changing programs in a well thought out manner, including taking into consideration community input. Back in November the board approved spending to hire architects and contractors to begin planning to reconfigure several schools (CAPA, Frick, Milliones, Reizenstein). Amounts were approved, although they had huge caps on them (things like we'll spend $250K but if it's more than $5M we'll get back to you).

I will be writing to the board suggesting that no more money be spent on Reizenstein (and /or Milliones) than is necessary to use one of them as a temporary school for the students to move into for a year, saving any extra money for Schenley's repairs. If Reizenstein were to be sold after that, we wouldn't have sunk millions of dollars into it, just to sell it. All the 9th graders could attend a high school, as a high school student. Plans or programs to instill the study habits necessary to excel in a rigorous program could be part of the entire 9th grade planning, as well as increased emphasis on mentoring and guidance counseling.

Or, you know, something like that, I'm clearly still working on it!

If you have any great ideas, send them along --

Jen Lakin

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