Wednesday, February 06, 2008 calls to Libraries: Kick DRM out!

Join us 2/09/08 at the Boston Public Library.

Take action at your own library! (Modify our flier). will be taking action this Saturday at the Boston Public Library to demand that they remove DRM technology from their collection! We will be gathering outside the entrance at the main branch of the Boston Public Library (700 Boylston St., Boston MA 02116) at 1PM on Saturday, February 9th, 2008. Please, Sign-up if you are attending.

If you can't join us, we encourage you to take action against any library in your area that has DRM technology infecting its collection. You can customize our flyer and pass it out to the local patrons and librarians in your area.

The Boston Public Library has Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) on its ebooks, audio books, music, and videos, and we are demanding that they remove it, and establish a policy against DRM -- a policy that respects user freedom.

We know that the real motive behind DRM technology schemes is to increase profits for those who impose them, but their profit is a side issue when millions of people's freedom is at stake; desire for profit, though not wrong in itself, cannot justify denying the public control over its technology and its libraries. Defending freedom means thwarting DRM.

Join us in demanding that the BPL Trust and libraries worldwide eliminate DRM from their collections.

We'll report back on the success of our action here in Boston -- Be sure to tell us about your local actions too!

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