Monday, February 11, 2008

Grass gets legalized -- that's moving forward

The Steelers are keeping a grass surface at Heinz Field. What was there stays. Humm.... That's same old same old.

Moving forward would be the legalization of grass.
Steelers to keep it "real" at Heinz Field 'The majority of our players have told us that they prefer natural grass to any artificial surface,' said club president Art Rooney II in a statement today, 'and grass is also the preference of our coaches and athletic staff. We also discussed this with the University of Pittsburgh officials to make sure everyone is comfortable moving forward.'
Steve Pederson is in the news again -- the 'moving forward AD' if there ever was one. He was the old AD that was responsible for the destruction of Pitt Stadium.

Seems that the prices to the Pitt football games are going to drop -- because there are so few people who are attending the games at Heinz Field.

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