Monday, February 04, 2008

Height dispute stalls condo plan on South Side

Thursday's neighborhood meeting.
Height dispute stalls condo plan on South Side: "public meeting from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday at the South Side Market House, 12th and Bingham streets.


Anonymous said...

Mark: what's your take on this since you are close to it? And what is really Kraus's involvement. HE's anti process (I dont believe what he is saying) and it's simply window dressing for him.

Not sure why a special exemption should be granted for a multi unit complex when it is clearly against the current zoning.

To me, it might provide the fuel for others to gain exceptions.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Take one: The old police station was vacant for YEARS and YEARS. The SSLDC should have tackled that building - project long ago.

The city left the building to rot.

But, the building was owned by a fist full of others since the city's last use. It was a real sink for many.

Too much red tape -- and projects like this never get done.

Take two: Kraus is going to try to figure out who has the power and the juice. Then he'll go to that side. I don't think Kraus can think it through. Time will tell.

Take three: As a Libertarian -- I would LOVE to NUKE all the rules. The new owners should be able to do what they wish. And, if they screw up and harm their neighbors -- they should be sued and pay damages to the neighbors directly.

Take four; I've not seen the plans. Getting 14 units there might be a challenge / stretch.

Take five: 14 units, each with one spot -- of course is going to be light on parking. The UPS truck, the housekeepers, the handyman, the guest, the spouse's car -- are all put where???? EXACTLY????

But, on the other hand, I don't feel that we should do too much to legislate the 'requirement' of parking.

Zoning is far from dead yet. So, it should be followed in a more universal way.

However, I'm all in favor of higher density development.