Thursday, February 07, 2008

P-G's blog, Early Returns, talk about they hype of conflict

City Council Members are NOT permitted to contact and meet with any of the directors within the city's administration. This is a new policy from Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. The mayor has to approve all meetings and conversations in advance.
August Wilson house a political football... This seems a lot like the media relations policy instituted when Mayor Bob O'Connor took office in 2006 and his spokesman Dick Skrinjar told managers not to talk to reporters without his approval. That policy remains in force under current spokeswoman Alecia Sirk, though it isn't always rigorously enforced.

Under Mayor Tom Murphy, reporters could call department heads directly and get answers to factual questions, on the record, without anyone's approval.)

There's talk of a council revolt, which could take the form of refusal to act on bills the administration wants, or even the subpoenaing of managers. We at ER don't think it's going to come to that, but it certainly has soured relations between the administration and the new council.
It is a sad, sad day in Pittsburgh when we long for the times and policies of ex-Mayor, Tom Murphy. When Tom Murphy is a signal of the 'good old days' -- Pittsburgh is in deep, deep trouble.

Of course there will not be a 'revolt' on council. There can't be as they are all among the same party. They are all on the same page, mostly. They try to kick up some marginal grumbles so as to look like they are different.

When the real revolt begins -- the D-party monopoly will shatter.

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