Friday, February 08, 2008

Still getting the shaft

Good morning all,

Any XM subscribers (or any Ron Paul supporter for that matter):

POTUS 08, XM channel 130, broadcast CPAC live yesterday including Ron Paul's speech. However, after the live coverage, John McCain and Mitt Romney's speeches were replayed NUMEROUS times, while of course Ron Paul's was not replayed ONCE. They also had special reports by "experts" saying that John McCain was the Republican nominee - not the front runner, not the likely choice, but the NOMINEE.

Please take a few seconds and join me in letting XM know that this is completely unsatisfactory. You can call XM's Corporate HQ at 202-380-4000; just ask to speak to someone about channel programming. Also, email them with the form provided at:

Please remember to be polite and professional as we are representing Ron Paul to other American citizens and potentially voters. This is the email I sent:

Good morning,

I am writing to thank you for your live CPAC coverage yesterday. I was very excited to have the opportunity to listen in.

I am also writing in regards to election coverage last night after the live CPAC broadcast. I was very upset and disappointed that the speeches by John McCain and Mitt Romney were played several times while Ron Paul's speech was not replayed ONCE. He was not announced at all as a presidential candidate. As a Ron Paul supporter, I listened all night to hear his speech again and was let down.

Also, many of the "experts" on XM 130 were speaking of John McCain as the official Republican nominee. This is both outrageous and untrue. The nominee is not officially announced until the Republican National Convention in September. This is a blatant untruth and abuse of media influence. While other coverage has been decent, allowing "experts" to completely misrepresent the election race and the Republican Party is shameful and disturbing and discredits XM and POTUS 08. This is extremely upsetting to me- to the point that I am seriously considering switching to Sirius Radio. However, I wanted to give XM the chance to respond to this issue.

Thank you very much for your time; I look forward to your response.


Crystal M. Jones

Let's at least be a pain in their rear!

For Liberty,

Crystal M. Jones

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Anonymous said...

John K. says: Did call XM. Told them they did a good job. Thanks for the phone number. You made it much easier.