Monday, February 11, 2008

Tech Pres observations from Mitt's Video Guy

Michael Kolowich of DigiNovations, the folks behind Mitt Romney’s Mitt TV video channel offers ten observations about the successes and challenges of his video arm.

Among them: YouTube is weak at inspiring voters to act;

YouTube can be used for and against a candidate;

It’s important for a candidate to find ways to control his or her message;

Make the software work; and

Reach out to bloggers.

He’s writing from the perspective of helping Mitt win, and doesn’t seem particularly interested in actually involving voters in a campaign, so in my mind he overemphasizes the need to control the message. But, hey, Mitt knew best, right?

Here, first of all, are my ten most important observations:

1. YouTube is a two-edged sword
2. A YouTube channel is necessary but not sufficient
3. A content-managed video platform is vital to success
4. When choosing a platform, back-end workflow is a key decision criterion.
5. Prepare for success: use a CDN (content delivery network)
6. Maintain one asset collection, many faces
7. Build a fast & flexible production process
8. Seeds and feeds build viewership
9. Don’t believe everything you read about clip length
10. Listen to the data

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